Who We Are

Our passion to design, build and create started when we first picked up a block of Lego. And it continues today. We are a close-knit team of experienced designers, engineers, fabricators, logisticians and project managers.

We are inventors. We are innovators. We fix problems. Monitac is our home.

We have the creative vision, talent and drive to design, build and deploy anything. With highly innovative world class projects already delivered in some of the world’s harshest conditions, you can rely on us to make your project a success.

How We Work

  • We don’t just design boxes. We design spaces. And the spaces between those spaces. We create complete environments that are both beautiful and functional.

  • We are never satisfied. We don’t have “a way of doing it”. Our design teams never stop learning from each project and never stop innovating. We are always looking for new materials, new processes and new challenges.

  • We talk from experience. Our designers and management team have spent months both living and working in facilities Monitac has designed and built. We fully understand what these places are like to live with from day to day, what works and what doesn’t

  • We take our designs from concept to deployment – and beyond. Our design and management teams are hands-on in the fabrication and installation of our spaces. If something is difficult to fabricate to our high standards, or an installation looks dangerous or time consuming, it’s back to the drawing board for improvements.

  • Safety underpins every aspect of what we do. From design to deployment, safety is our number one priority. Read more about our safety initiatives here.

  • The Team

    When you get a team like Monitac’s together, great things happen.

    Richard Scott-Smith
    Managing Director
    With a Master’s Degree in Engineering from Oxford University and over 10 years’ experience in one of the world’s largest engineering and architectural consultancies, Atkins, Richard joined Monitac as Managing Director. It quickly grew into an ‘anything you can imagine’ company.   “ Monitac has been an incredible opportunity to turn an old industry upside down and create an entirely new approach to how the business is done. In a very short amount of time, we have changed companies’, and end users’, expectations of temporary and semi-permanent environments. I am truly honoured to be a part of this team and invite you to give us the chance to show you what we can do.”

    Shaun Shulba
    Business Development Director
    An innovator and technologist, Shaun brings a eclectic mix of abilities to the management team. As a Health and Safety professional and educator, Shaun has had a hand in raising awareness and standards of labor accommodation and work environments across the globe. As a Business Leader, Shaun has spent the past twenty years building businesses to solve difficult problems in challenging environments. With successful business development and subsequent projects in the Middle East, Africa, the USA and Canada, he has raised the standards and expectations within the oil & gas, defense and emergency services industries. By mixing this experience with an aptitude for invention, drive, and leadership, his joining with Monitac represents the culmination of a life’s work to deliver a unique solution to a discerning clientele.

    Camilla Thomson
    Design Guru
    As an artist, designer and creative thinker, Camilla is always researching creative new ways to solve and improve working environments.      Camilla has more than 15 years’ design experience with extensive projects in Kurdistan, United Arab Emirates and Australia. This understanding allows her to apply a multi-disciplinary approach in finding the most innovative and well-suited solution. Drawing on elements of functional design, genetics, epigenetics, biology, nature, healthcare and digital advances allows Camilla to solve even the most challenging brief.      “I use colour, form and design to make people comfortable, in any environment.”

    Christoper Veeneman
    Technology Integration
    As a career technologist and early adopter, Chris brings over 20 years of software development and electronics engineering to the mix. As our head of R&D, along with his team of programmers and engineers, Chris is tasked with creating and maintaining tech-based solutions that solve problems, save money and keep projects running at peak performance. “With our in-house development team, whether it’s off the shelf solution deployment, additions to an existing system or a complete, bottom-up, custom solution we are able to provide a design that fits perfectly within your project's budget and technology requirements.”