HVAC Monitoring System

Sold as a “bolt-on” item for buildings you already own or included as an option to our modular buildings, the Monitac HVAC Monitoring system is a perfect example of how the “Internet of Things” makes ‘things‘ better. Together with our in-house technology company Avario, we have designed our Remote Monitoring System to provide you with the information you need for both comfort and cost effectiveness. Here we take a closer look a the components and how it works:

Sensors Detect and Report
Know exactly what is going on with your equipment from anywhere in the world. Our bolt on, plug and play sensor pack detects vital information like filter changes, vibration levels, humidity levels, peak current draw and energy consumption.

Wireless Communication to the Cloud

Using our efficient mesh network technology, data from multiple HVAC units is collected by the designated master unit over a local WiFi network and transmitted through the Internet to the Cloud where the HVAC health information is processed and made securely available to you and/or your customer.

Data is compiled into Alerts and Reports

From the dashboard, designated users can view and compare all collected data, check alerts and analyze information for entire fleet in moments.

Save on replacement costs by comparing current data against other units or against historical data to identify early signs of failure.

Maintain equipment more effectively by reviewing alerts and warnings while receiving suggestions on preventative maintenance.

GIS / GPS Enabled

  • Always know where your assets are and be alerted if they are moved without authorization.
  • Monitor Maintenance

  • Record when a customer changes the air filter
    Know when a unit is opened and/or adjusted
    Remote shutdown of equipment at preset limits (Vibration, Heat, Power Draw)
    Dispatch maintenance or repair crews before breakdown actually occurs