What We Do

We Design, Build, Deploy and Operate temporary and permanent structures made from ‘up-cycled’ shipping containers. From simple one room bedrooms and events booths to entire camps and helicopter landing pads, we create and deliver solutions that work.


Bring us your concept, idea or problem.

The Idea h160

Concepts begin to emerge and we begin the drilldown process…


With internationally set safety standards, quality control and attention to detail as our foundations, our build process is unrivaled in the region.


We Ship and Build ANYWHERE in the WORLD.

As one of the few companies in the region that not only design and manufacture but also install, commission and operate container based solutions, we have extensive experience with deploying in some of the world’s most challenging environments. The very nature of standardized shipping containers allows us the ability to ship our container based solutions to any location on the planet via Truck, Sea, Rail or even Air when it is called for. As experts in logistics, construction and project management, we are able to provide manpower and equipment or source local manpower and equipment as necessary.