How We Do It

We pride ourselves on the core foundations on which our company was formed. We feel that it is our dedication to our craft that makes us uniquely able to deliver exactly the right solution no matter what your application calls for.

Health & Safety

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Safety through Experience

We have extensive experience in not only designing and building but also living within and maintaining our spaces. This gives us a unique first person perspective on the issues related to health and safety from the design desk to the factory to the site and beyond.

Safety by Design

The integration of safety features starts during the concept stage. A logically placed safe lifting point not only reduces risk but saves countless hours of rigging, slinging and crane time. Additional Smart integration of items such as working at height anchor points, footpegs, hand rails, and non-slip surfaces greatly reduces not only build time, but also risk, time and subsequently cost during ongoing maintenance and demobilization.

Safety in Practice

Monitac adhears to international best practice. Our safety team is constantly training and upgrading to keep up with the latest techniques and technology.

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Quality Control

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Our Standards

We work tirelessly to ensure quality at all stages of a project; from the initial briefing, through design and manufacture, and ultimately to installation and operation. We recognise that clients need more than just a bunch of boxes in the desert – they need well considered environments that are enjoyable, safe, usable and reliable.


We use reputable suppliers with proven product lines. (more to be added)


We work closely with all our clients and welcome them to join our design workshops. We know plans change and will always work to accommodate these. In a region where suppliers often say what you want to hear and promises can be offered with no plan to back them up, we aim to be a breath of fresh air for our clients – to understand your needs and to offer unparalleled customer service.


3D CAD Modelling

3D Modelling

Monitac makes use of advanced 3D Building Information Modelling (BIM) software packages. This allows us to plan, visualise and analyse projects virtually before fabrication begins, ensuring that the functionality and environmental performance of your project is optimised. Being able to ‘walk’ around the virtual model allows us to involve our clients in more engaging and productive design workshops. Potential issues like opening windows or support beams obstructing walkways can be caught and rectified at the design stage, and accurate analysis of solar-shading, electrical lighting and cooling ensures that the spaces are as comfortable and efficient as possible.