• Emergency Control Center / Dispatch
  • Single or Double Height
  • 4/8 Regular containers
  • 1/2 Double wide containers
  • Integrated fall protection
  • LED Lighting
  • Erected in 24 hours
  • Emergency Control Center / Dispatch

    Our Dispatch / Emergency Control Room module is an entirely self contained/sustainable solution that can be customized to fit your exact requirements. With a small footprint, integrated potable water system and sewage storage, this unit can be easily deployed in any environment to any location. The dispatch unit has an excellent 270 degree view of surroundings and comes with a two person workstation, conference table and private duty sleeping quarters. Support modules can include a washroom / shower facility with first aid room, sleeping quarters, smnall kitchen or additional offices.
    For deployment in extreme or conditions all units can be fitted with various levels of ballistic protection, air filtration or self contained positive pressure air supply.


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