• Over 4400 sq/ft of covered and lit workspace
  • Single or Double Height
  • 4/8 Regular containers
  • 1/2 Double wide containers
  • Integrated fall protection
  • LED Lighting
  • Erected in 24 hours
  • The Perfect Shipping Container Workshop

    Our Modular Works Facility is a flexible solution that can be configured to fit your exact needs. With over 4400 sq/ft of well lit, covered work area and access to two floors of “anything you can think of” Monitac Container Modules, the only limit is your imagination. Choose from Offices, Wash Blocks, Workshops, Classrooms, Secure Storage Units, Laundry Facilities, Duty Sleepers, Coffee Rooms, or any of our other off the shelf Monitac Modules. With 8 regular width spaces and 2 double width spaces, there is no shortage of space for parts, personnel or equipment. Buy from us or build yourself. Plans and advice available.


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